Publicly Funded Pre-K Programs

Publicly Funded Pre-K Programs

Publicly funded government pre-k programs can be either locally funded, federal and/or state funded.

The majority of the funds goes directly to the local level through the Head Start and Early Head Start Programs. At the State level, they use their general fund through blocks grants for preschools.

The federally funded Head Start programs have been providing pre-k to low income 3 and 4 year olds for over fifty years. The federal government also provides Federal Preschool Development Grants to pay for other preschool funding.

States have different names for programs such as Unversal Pre-K. This is open to everyone in every state. In Vernmont, Florida and Washington DC, there is no cap on funded amounts which makes it better for low income children. provides these listings of publicly funded preschools which are either free or partially subsidized. We list as many details as are available including pictures, details, enrollment numbers, etc.

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